Gaze of hu-MAN-ity(The Monster Who Will Save Us)


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This wire artwork Gaze of hu-MAN-ity(The Monster Who Will Save Us), gives us a chilling reflection on human society and how women have been mistreated and misrepresented throughout male dominated views into ‘man’s’ mythological and historical past.
Taking over 500 hours, my Medusa has the beautiful woman with coiling snakes persona on one side and on the other the gorgoneia with tusks beard, bulbous nose and a lolling tongue. Which one is true?!  Designed to be felt as well as observed, this wire artwork allows the viewer/toucher to manipulate the artwork into their desired effect. Approx. Dimensions are 54 x 40 x 54cm, materials are copper wire and circular Perspex base.Copper wire artwork head and shoulder attached to perspex base placed on a white plinth in gallery space


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