Lynn’s Art: Tactile Drawing Packs

contents display of drawing pack, different coloured spools of yarn, needle, coloured textured paper

Luxury and Jumbo drawing packs designed for visually impaired people are available from £10.00. Basic drawing packs are available from £5.00

Lynn’s Art: Scented/Tactile Greetings Cards


landscape style happy birthday fluffy green dog playing with leather ball greetings card


For all occasions & multiple designs include Braille and large print greetings/messages from £6.00

Lynn’s Art: Tactile Badges

wire running dog badge placed next to 2 pence coin

Tree, dog, flower badges available from £3.00

Lynn’s Art: Sculptures


Resilience wire head with hair on wooden plinth attached to wall using sloping free standing plinth


A number of major artworks are also available from £45.00

Lynn’s Attach Yourself Braille Business/Identity Card Labels

Starts at £24 to have 50 labels which you cut out and stick onto your existing cards

Lynn’s Braille Business Card Service

Fan display of Brailled business cards on white plinth


I’ll put Braille labels to your existing cards, starts at £48.00 for 50 cards. I can also design the cards for you!