Wire Art


Gaze of hu-MAN-ity (The Monster Who Will Save Us)


As Medusa, Gaze of hu-MAN-ity  gives us a chilling reflection on human society and how women have been mistreated and misrepresented throughout male dominated views into ‘man’s’ mythological and historical past.

Taking over 400 hours, my Medusa has the beautiful woman with coiling snakes persona on one side and on the other the gorgoneia with tusks beard, bulbous nose and a lolling tongue. Which one is true?!

Wiry Old Man


The bust of Sophocles from the British Museum inspired this wire representation of the Poet’s head. The emphasis has been to highlight the hair, beard and moustache of the head so that their tactile impact is greater than the rest of the features.




‘Tree’ artwork is designed for everyone to resonate and connect with this important living life force which gives us oxygen, stores carbon, stabilises our soil and supports the world’s wildlife – what I would consider to be my ideal tree! Definitively designed to be felt – this wire artwork allows the viewer/toucher to manipulate the artwork into their desired effect.