2D artwork cerise felt and gold beads and wire, line drawing with beads and wire showing an aminated scene of woman with playing with dog and ball










As a blind artist who has lost her sight slowly over 30 years, I’m interested in how much of seeing is through the eyes compared to perceptions, sensations, memories and intuition.

Metaphor Me II

I essentially draw lines to investigate this relationship between visual and other ways of appreciating the world.


Self Portrait


My artwork stimulates all of the senses – incorporating several sensual effects within one piece –layering the complexity.

So, my creations can be drawings, complicated interwoven wire sculptures, or even audio and video.

Champs Like Us


I’m also becoming interested in Psychohistory, which is my own term to represent the historical/memory similarities/ connections which create a psychological ambience.

Pat Series 5


These notions come from my career as a Psychogeographer (using psychological sensations) to work with landscapes, now I want to go into an additional dimension of time too.

Waiting Game