Outrageous lovelocked, Randomix and Randomaker, DBS Show, London 2016


I am a mixed and multi-media artist, envisaging projects and choosing specific materials for each artwork, be it drawings, videos, audio artworks etc.

My artwork questions the validity of the image as ‘spectacle’ (as a passive representation of reality). Challenging the ocularcentricity of western culture, my work is designed to elevate sensations, perceptions and language to a higher status (which is usually granted to the purely visual), without denigrating sight and the image to a subservient role.



Randomaker, detail

Psychogeography (a situationist-style practice) is another main interest/feature of my art. It uses the mapping of locations by connecting them through their ambience rather than their physicality and exploring the associations between work and leisure (and between different leisure activities). This work is illustrated by providing isolated glimpses, snap shots  or remnants, which are only partially conceived by the participants of events in time and space. These snapshots may manifest themselves as part of multi-sensory trails, as still images of action scenes or as short psychological movement.